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New Blogger. Who Dis?

Hello and Happy Monday! It's my very first blog entry!

If you haven't gone through my site and read the About Me section, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Augusta and I have an obsession with ampersands, avocados, and my dog--who am I kidding, I get excited when I see any dog!

I love to craft and I put plenty of consideration and love into everything I make and to any gift I give. Which also makes me a big gift-giver.

It's very hard for me to give something to a person close to me without adding some kind of meaning. I really have tried, but I always end up adding some personal connection to it--oh well!

I'm a crafty, thoughtful, and a savvy person. So I decided to make a blog about gifts, parties, and anything in between. This will be the place that I will talk about gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, gifts for a movie fanatic or someone in the education/medical/etc profession. As well as decorations for all sorts of party theme ideas, giving a shoutout to support other handmade artists, and a monthly freebie download for you guys.

Most of the things I plan to talk about will either be DIY, handmade by someone else, or easy suggestions to give any gift that extra special touch 💝

Always written with love,


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