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A Band That's More Than Just Music

[Message from the Clergy] We wish to inform you that these handmade items have been personally selected to help you spread the disease. Thank you for your undying support of small businesses.

I will admit that when I received my first Papa Emeritus III Stubby custom order, I was a little nervous because of all his details, but I’m always down for a challenge and excited for something new to make.

However, I never would have guessed where that first little Papa III Stubby would take me and my business.

Shortly after I shared my first Ghost Stubby, the orders started coming in for more Papa’s, and then I quickly learned there were two OTHER Papa’s before my original, then some other singer known as The Cardinal, and their band members called Ghouls.



In fact, for the longest time all my files for "Papa Emeritus" were titled "Ghost Singer" simply because I could never remember how to spell it, or had no idea how deep and detailed this band could get.

As I was learning about these new characters for The Band Ghost, I was also intrigued by their story. I listened to some of their songs and realized that I have heard these guys on the radio, and it’s similar to the type of music I’m already interested in!

I started watching some performances on YouTube so I could get better ideas and other angles of their outfits, and I became even more amazed. Their performances are quite fun to watch, and so much thought gets put into it. Unique. Clever. Entertaining. Then there is the drama and excitement with Papa’s switching out and new members joining.

How could you not appreciate all the passion put into this little band??

Caution ⚠️ extreme cheesy coming….

I have met some amazing people along the way. One of my favorite things about this Ghost Journey my shop has taken me, is that the fans are extremely friendly and patient.

When I make a custom design I like to have all the details in mind, so I can recreate it the best I can, in my own way. Sometimes I feel I may be asking too many questions or bother these customers for more photos or specifics, but each and every one of them have been extremely kind, generous, and patient.🤗

I have been in business for almost four years now, and I am aware that not everyone will like me or my business, but for each and every Ghost order I have received, I can honestly say that they have all been a joy to work with. This group of people have always been extremely supportive, considerate, and thoughtful of my design process and all the hard work that goes into my handmade items.

I have plenty of repeat customers, and customers around the world that are willing and excited to order some, or all, of my Ghost products and it fills my heart with so much joy that my passion and handmade art can be appreciated by so many.

It's funny too, because something inside me said to write about the Ghost products this week, and then I found out it was Tobias’ birthday the day I started to write this. Then Copia was crowned Papa, and I absolutely love that I had a handful of followers reach out to me with this news 🖤 Ghost fans that simply wanted to share their excitement for this new path for the band, or fans interested in placing an order for the new Stubby soon.

This is not in the shop yet, but I am always up for custom orders, especially if it’s to support my amazing Ghost followers.

My Ghost Supporters are extremely amazing, and my FH Ghost Journey wouldn’t be where it is today without you.

Can’t wait to see my Ghost collection continue to grow!

More items coming soon to the shop!

I have learned that the band Ghost is more than just a band. They're more than music with some catchy beats and nice lyrics. It's a community. The band's passion can be contagious and can inspire you.

As a small business owner of a handmade shop, nothing can be more rewarding than customers that truly appreciate your art, passion, dedication for all the small details, and constant support. Thank you for bringing me into this Ghost community with such amazing people.

Always written with love,


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This post will be updated as new Ghost products are added to the shop.

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