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Showing your appreciation for nurses & doctors in a creative way

Isn’t it funny that the universe will present you with what you need, when you need it? I plan out when I’ll write/publish blog posts for several weeks at a time, and the last post I decided to write about the Ghost Products in my shop and my experience, then there was plenty of exciting news that week for Ghost fans which made the post a lot more fun to write.

This week I had planned to write about products for Nurses or anyone in the medical field, and then all the craziness in the world started and what better time to appreciate all these amazing hard-working people than now during the Coronavirus?

National Nurses Week starts on May 6th and ends on May 12th, on Florence Nightingale birthday, who is the founder of modern nursing.

Other important dates to remember this week are:

National Student Nurses Day is May 8

National School Nurse Day is May 8

International Nurses Day is May 12

As everyone in the world is stressing about the Coronavirus, some are staying home to avoid spreading this disease, nurses and doctors are some that do not have that luxury. While hospitals are filling up with people stressing out or testing positive for COVID-19, there are still other medical emergencies like car accidents, broken bones, or heart attacks that need assistance for.

In such a hectic and panic-driven time in our lives, nurses must go from one patient to the next, calmly, ignoring the fact that they haven’t had a bathroom break or sat down in 5+ hours, haven’t had the time to recollect their thoughts of what just happened from a previous patient, and then they finally get home dead-tired, just to wake up and do it all over again the next day.

Thank you.

Thank you to all of those who put their life on the line to help and heal everyone during this crazy time, just to go home and recharge for a couple hours and come back again.

Thank you for all those that despite being physically, mentally, and emotionally tired, you still love doing what you do because it is deep within your heart to save lives.

Thank you to your families at home that understand what amazing people you are. While you are at work hours on end, surrounded by the commotion, the germs, the stress, and they still understand that when you come home, sometimes all you can handle is a wave hello and straight to bed.

This post is for you.

With Nurses Week coming up, I can’t think of a better way to show appreciation than with handmade goodies made from someone who also appreciates everything you do.

Gift Idea #1: Badge Holders

One of my closest friends and her partner are nurses that work in the medical field. When she was going to nursing school, she came up with the idea that I should make badge holders, and I loved the idea! Naturally she had to be the first customer for this amazing idea, and that is how little Paco the Taco was born ❤️

Paco has also made appearances for party pins, tshirts, and as fabulous & sparkly!

She started wearing her badge holder to school and the custom orders started coming in. Word was getting out about my adorable handmade badge reels, and it kind of took off on its own. At first customers were students, nurses, or doctors, but then teachers, receptionists, and other professions that needed something unique to hold their badges were contacting me.

I have lost count of how many badge holders I have made, and I am so grateful for all the support. One of the most amazing moments is when one customer ordered 88 uterus badge holders 😱🥰

I woke up thinking I only had 88 units left in stock, but I had to take a second look to see it was 88 SOLD.

I even became known as the “Badge Holder Lady” and I low-key love it

Gift Idea #2: Nurse Lookalikes

Giving a Stubby Lookalike is one of my absolute favorite gifts! You really can’t go wrong with it, and I’m pretty sure no one else would have found that at Target.

But wait, what is a stubby? A stubby is a Felt Happens doll that is 5-6" tall, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and gets its name because of the stubby limbs they have ❤️

With Nurse Lookalike Stubbies, you can choose the color scrubs, hair and skin tones, and they always come with their own little stethoscope.

When I make these custom designs, I like to have as many reference photos as I can of the person I’m recreating. Including freckles, glasses, or even a signature facial expression that truly makes that stubby that person, are all things I love incorporating.

Stubby Lookalikes are an awesome gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or Nurse Appreciation week!

You can even custom order your stubbies for a frame so it can be displayed at home in such a cute way. This customer requested a mini pet lookalike to represent their furbaby and complete their happy little family portrait!

Don't forget that you can also get Stubby Stands to display your stubbies!

Gift Idea #3: Stethoscope Accessories

This was another idea that was suggested to me, and I had no idea they existed. I think it’s the cutest thing ever--AND it gives you the option to have all the felt cuties without having to choose just one!

These were based on stethoscope clips which are made out of plastic, and at first glance, I was stuck as to how I could figure out how it could work for me while also being an affordable option.

After a lot of thought, research, and prototypes I figured out the perfect option that would work for my felt goodies!

Stethoscope Accessories are the same design as the badge holders, but they have an elastic band that wraps around the stethoscope and attaches with a hook in the back. The elastic stretches easily around the cord, still has enough tension so it won’t slip off, but not so tight that you can still slide it up and down if you need to.

Maybe you're loving the design but don't need a badge holder or a stethoscope clip? You can also order it as a pin, magnet, or mini ornament!

Check out the featured items in the shop, because these items are 25% Off with the code "THANKYOU" until May 16th, which is the end of Nurses week. I know this is a tough time for everyone emotionally, physically, and financially, so I hope this gives you the chance to show your appreciation for any nurses you may know or that have made an impact on you during this time.

Check out my social media as well because I will be doing a giveaway very soon!

Always written with love,


Check out these items in the shop

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