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How It All Happened

Hello! My name is Augusta and I am that felt lady. I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts, specialized in graphic design. I have an obsession with ampersands, avocados and I’m a total dog mom! I am a morning person that hates to wake up in the morning, but loves to be productive early. I’m a total planner and love to schedule out my day, but it’s pretty difficult to plan for this entrepreneur, girl boss lifestyle.


I have always enjoyed working with felt, and after years of debate, I finally started my little business! The more I created with felt, the more creative my brain started to work—the brain is a funny thing, huh? I was constantly getting inspired by everything around me that wasn’t felt. That is when I decided to branch out and start Happens with Love, a place that allows to create anything and everything that inspires me, including writing a blog!


Felt Happens and Happens with Love is more than just a handmade craft business that makes felt dolls, badge reels, party decor, fan collectibles, or t-shirts, because this represents a passion and a journey. 


I love what I do, and have a passion to create.

Thank you for supporting my business, but more importantly, my dream!

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